Do I need to bring my own firearm?

No. All firearms/ammunition are provided by Steve’s Firearm Instruction. Please do not bring any firearms or ammunition with you to the class or the range. 

I want to get my firearm license, which kind of firearm license should I apply for?

If 21 years old (or older) we always recommend applying for the License to Carry (LTC) even if you never plan on carrying a firearm. The LTC is the license which gives you the most options for purchasing (pistols, rifles, and shotguns) and gives you the potential ability to carry a pistol. If you are 18-20 years old you are restricted to applying for the Firearms Identification Card (FID Card) which allows you to purchase “low capacity” rifles and shotguns. Once 21 years old, a FID card holder can apply for their LTC once they’re 21. Those 14-17 years old can apply for their FID card with parental consent for possession (cannot take possession until 15 years old).

Which class is the right class for me to take?

All of Steve’s courses are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as “Basic Firearm Safety Courses” and are taught by MA Approved Instructors In accordance with MGL Ch. 140, Sec. 131P (a) to satisfy the state’s training requirements. The class you choose to take is up to you! Please watch our explainer video below to learn more about the firearm safety class options at Steve’s.

Once I take the class do I receive my license automatically?

Think of class as the key that opens the door to your application process. The state requires successful completion of a basic firearm safety course before you can apply for your license. You will go through the application process with your local city/town police department – Steve’s is there for unlimited support as you’re going through the process.