Kyle Lortie
Kyle Lortie
Steve and Jacob are great instructors and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to pursue their LTC or to advance their knowledge/skill/safety when it comes to firearms training. They are patient and thoughtful with their approach and they are genuinely passionate about firearms safety education. It’s clear they want to see their students succeed and go on to become positive stuarts for the firearm community. Can’t say enough good things. Excited to work with them in the future. You will feel the same after you stop in for a visit/class/training.
Milly Rad
Milly Rad
I recommend Steve for anyone who wants to apply for a license, learning basics or more. The course was well prepared, instructions were clear and special attention was dedicated to using safely semi-automatic gun and revolver. You can tell that Steve is a seasoned expert in training people as well as his co-worker Jacob.
Rob Eberhardt
Rob Eberhardt
Took the live-fire pistol course and was very impressed with Steve and Jacob's professional and friendly demeanor and knowledgable presentation. I have a lot of respect for them and appreciate their service to our country and communities. The live-fire portion with one on one training was excellent and I didn't want it to end. I definitely plan to go back to improve my knowledge and skills and learn more from their experience. Would definitely recommend Steve's shop and team for instruction and services.
Christopher Dinan
Christopher Dinan
Great experience. The NRA Basic Pistol Course was informative and well presented. Instructors are friendly and not intimidating. The live fire portion is one on one. Covid precautions are in place. Highly recommend.
Shawndarin Sanders
Shawndarin Sanders
Awesome instructor and team! Great job of explaining each firearm and the importance of firearm safety. The hands on was great Steve made sure I felt comfortable picking up the firearm and allowed me to practice multiple times until I felt comfortable. Steve did a great job of keeping the class engaged... I will definitely recommend my family and friends to take the course!
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Learned so much at Steve’s Tactical Safety Firearm Course. The instructors were very informed and thorough, and encouraged class discussion. They answered all our questions and more. I highly recommend!
Informative class, very organized. Would recommend highly to others.
Steve Tseglin
Steve Tseglin
Excellent course, very patient instructor and is willing to go an extra mile to explain the material and answer questions
Paul Chamberlain
Paul Chamberlain
Had a great experience at Steve's firearm instruction class today. This guy really knows his stuff and enjoys sharing it with others. The class flew by and was loaded with great information. Steve does a great job a presenting the material in an way your not afraid to ask questions. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in firearm safety and proper handling of firearms. Also, the hands on use of firearms at the range with one on one instruction gives you a greater appreciation of firearms. They are also there for you to help with the entire process of getting your LTC. I feel like I have known Steve for a long time and I just met him today.
Sam R.

Recent events in the news and politics inspired me to learn first hand more about gun safety. Even though I do not own a gun and have no immediate plans to purchase one, Steve’s course was still EXACTLY what I was looking for. He an absolutely fantastic instructor. He really goes the extra mile for his students and knows a great deal about the content he teaches. Most importantly, he is easy to understand and communicate with. After his course, I now have a much greater understanding of firearm operation and safety. I only wish all gun owners in Massachusetts and the US were trained by someone as responsible, knowledgeable, and professional as Steve.

Krissy O.

Steve’s Firearm Instruction was an amazing experience! Recently, I took the Live Fire class. I went into it with some nervous apprehension. It had been more than 20 years since I last handled a firearm. From the moment I walked in the classroom door, I felt at ease. I would suggest this class without hesitation. A+

Hannah T.

We went as a group and learned so much from from Steve. All our questions were answered, the lessons were detailed, and we had fun, too. Now I feel safe, informed, and ready to move forward with my license to carry.

Lee R.

Such a great class! I would suggest this class with the comfort given especially if its your first time with a firearm

Chris H.

Learned alot about handgun safety and handling techniques. It was me and my fiances first time at the shooting range and steve was very helpful with info and pointers and did so in a respectable way and made sure we had a good time. Highly recomend to anyone

Michael G.

It Was A Great Experience Our Class Was Smaller Than Expected It Was Like 1 On 1 Training, I Still Remember everything I Learned Today, The Lesson Was Straightforward & We Got The Objective! I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO TAKE THIS FIRST STEP STARTING WITH STEVE! Big Salute & Thank You Peace & Blessings Talk To You Soon.

Raekwon M.

Steve is GREAT! Awesome to learn from and goes through everything step by step! I definitely recommend anyone interested in training to steve!

Kenzie L.

Great class, great delivery, very knowledgable and down to earth instructor. I loved the class

Joey N.

Amazing instructor! Very well divers and knowledge able in firearms and safety…! makes the class fun and interesting! Small class sizes so u can ask tons of questions…Super helpful even after taking the course…! Great person to have on ur side when going for ur ltc! Instructor has strong background in the field! I could sit her and say great things all day! Definitely going back for other training asap

Mike M.

My girlfriend and I took Steves basic firearms safety course this weekend and can say that we could not of had a better instructor. He covered all of the bases thoroughly and was extremely knowledgeable on everything related to firearms. We got more than our money’s worth and got to shoot some top of the line pistols. My girlfriend had never shot a gun before and was very nervous walking in and walked out confident and excited to get her Ltc and purchase her first gun. We did our research and we’re looking for a course that was going to make us as ready as possible to carry on our person for all lawful purposes and Steves class was everything and more. We have other friends who have taken classes elsewhere and did not come close to the results we had with Steve as far as knowledge,confidence, and safety. Can’t wait to take more classes in the future he was also very helpful with advice on buying your first firearm for your own specific needs. If your looking for the best of the best need not look further

Bridget F.

Steve’s class was excellent! He covered all of the material well & answered all our questions. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.

Pamela JS.

Steve is a terrific instructor. He is pleasant and encouraging. He explained the material clearly and at a good pace and welcomed questions, no matter how basic. He places great emphasis on safety and making sure that his students feel comfortable. He also encourages you to use him as a resource beyond the particular class, if you have questions about buying a gun, getting the LTC, etc. The class was overall a wonderful experience: I recommend Steve’s Firearm Instruction to both new shooters and more experienced shooters who want to hone their skills.

Kevin P.

Went to Steve’s NRA Basic Pistol Safety class this morning, and my brother Scott and I thought it was a great time. As beginners, Steve was extremely thorough in his lesson, and gave additional examples and thoughts that were outside of the normal PowerPoint slides (liked the use of YouTube videos!). He went out of his way to make the lesson funny and interesting too, definitely took the “dryness” out of the slides and bullet points.

Also, the class itself was a live-fire training, so it was even better than most basic safety classes you’ll come across. Overall, this was a 10/10 course. Had a great time, would highly recommend Steve.

Ida G.

I just took the NRA gun safety class with Steven Leavitt in Braintree this weekend. It was an excellent class and I highly recommend it for anyone who has never handled a pistol before. Women would enjoy this gun safety class. The instructor was very informative and made everyone feel very comfortable and confident. Especially if you never handled or touched a weapon before. Class time was instructive and the hands on experience with live rounds was excellent. You really learn to shoot and respect a pistol. I strongly recommend this gun safety class with Steven!

Carl P.

I have been shooting for quite a while and I signed up for Steve’s personal one on one shooting to advance my skills. I had a basic knowledge of shooting and firearm safety. He is a walking encyclopedia and his knowledge about firearms blew my mind. He was able to answer all my questions and give me hands on learning in a safe but fun environment. Even after I took his class he was still willing to follow up with me when I had addition questions. After my one on one class my shot grouping and comfort ability with firearms have greatly improved. His little tips made all the difference and I am not a beginner shooter I have had my ltc since 2011. I still plan on taking more classes with Steve. The good ole saying practice makes perfect is true, but a practice with a professional shooting instructor like Steve will blow your mind.

Melissa D.

The class I took with Steven was wonderful! I have taken courses before but wanted another refresher before applying for my license. He was very thorough and took plenty of time to answer my questions. I felt very safe while at the range with him. The rules were very clear and safety was the number one priority. I was very nervous to shoot since it has been a while and he was able to keep me calm and focused and I actually did pretty well! I am 100% going back for some private shooting lessons and to learn about different firearms to find the right one for me.

John G.

I initially signed up for Steve’s ‘NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course’ as a means of qualifying to apply for my LTC license in MA. I had grown-up hunting and been around shotguns my whole life, but had never learned much about pistols. The course changed that. Steve was an incredibly engaging instructor with an encyclopedic knowledge of pistols and firearm safety. Prior to enrolling in the course, I had emailed Steve with a number of questions. He responded promptly to all of my questions and in a very professional manner. While in the class, Steve took the time to answer all of questions of the participants in a thorough manner and really ensure that everyone was engaged. He also made the class fun and I believe that everyone who completed it left with a much fuller appreciation of just how enjoyable pistol shooting could be. He also was very helpful when on the shooting range, providing great advice that had immediate results. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in pistol shooting as well as any of Steve’s other courses. I am looking forward to my next one.

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