Sam R.

Recent events in the news and politics inspired me to learn first hand more about gun safety. Even though I do not own a gun and have no immediate plans to purchase one, Steve’s course was still EXACTLY what I was looking for. He an absolutely fantastic...

Krissy O.

Steve’s Firearm Instruction was an amazing experience! Recently, I took the Live Fire class. I went into it with some nervous apprehension. It had been more than 20 years since I last handled a firearm. From the moment I walked in the classroom door, I felt at...

Hannah T.

We went as a group and learned so much from from Steve. All our questions were answered, the lessons were detailed, and we had fun, too. Now I feel safe, informed, and ready to move forward with my license to carry.

Lee R.

Such a great class! I would suggest this class with the comfort given especially if its your first time with a firearm

Chris H.

Learned alot about handgun safety and handling techniques. It was me and my fiances first time at the shooting range and steve was very helpful with info and pointers and did so in a respectable way and made sure we had a good time. Highly recomend to anyone

Michael G.

It Was A Great Experience Our Class Was Smaller Than Expected It Was Like 1 On 1 Training, I Still Remember everything I Learned Today, The Lesson Was Straightforward & We Got The Objective! I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO TAKE THIS FIRST STEP STARTING WITH STEVE! Big...